We specialize in defending consumers like you against lawsuits filed by companies who make huge amounts of money by buying defaulted and often old credit card accounts .    Some of the largest of these companies are CACH, Midland Funding, Cavalry, Portfolio Recovery and Jefferson Capital.  Many of these companies make hundreds of millions of dollars by paying pennies on the dollar for credit card accounts and then demanding payment of the balance in full.    They file suit and assume that the people they sue will not know their rights or hire attorneys to represent them.  Since the vast majority of people they sue have no attorneys and do not defend themselves, they wind up with judgments.  The judgments can then be used to garnish wages and bank accounts.  

When these companies purchase accounts, they receive very limited information and documents from the original credit card company. Frequently, they obtain just the last few credit card statements and a record, such as a copy of a computer screen, that gives the account balance and basic information about the account like the date it was opened and the date of the last payment.  Usually, the statements they have begin with an account balance and, since they do not receive the full set of statements, they do not know for sure that the balance they are seeking to collect is correct.  Also, they almost never take any action to verify the balance amounts provided to them.

Florida has rules that say what is evidence and govern how it can be used in court.  There are also rules that provide that objections can be raised to attempts to have the court consider evidence.   The attorneys at WE PROTECT CONSUMERS, P.A. know these rules and know when and how to assert valid objections.  If a proper objection is raised, the company that purchased your credit card account will usually not be able to have their limited records and documents considered by the court.  If this is the case, they will not be able to win their lawsuit!

Maybe best of all, the attorneys at WE PROTECT CONSUMERS, P.A. have handled hundreds of trials through the years for various credit card companies.  We know how they go about trying to prove their cases -- and know their weaknesses and how they can be defeated!  

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