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Faced with a lawsuit for an old outstanding debt that was bought by Midland Funding P.A., I found myself in need of serious legal help. I contacted Mr. Szilvasy for help and boy did he come through... In a matter of two weeks the issue was completely resolved. He made the debt disappear, I never had to go to court, and I didn't have the pay Midland 1 red cent! This guy is an awesome attorney. He saved me over $2200. I highly recommend Mr. Brian Szilvasy as an attorney to resolve any lawsuit you may encounter regarding collections. Seriously people, this guy is the real deal!   C.L.

I called We Protect Consumers after I received a lawsuit summons for a debt. Not knowing if I was doing the right thing or if this was even legit. I looked up both Attorneys as they were in good standing in Hillsborough County. I spoke with Brian Szilvasy ..He was very reassuring and we talked for a thought?? was this a scam?? I took the chance after speaking with him and emailing. He did exactly what he said he would do! He was prompt. I was able to call the office and got a response each time. I was so stressed over this. Please if you find yourself in this position call them!!!! trust me you will be fine!! My case was dismissed..its over and done with. Thank you Brian..words can not express my gratitude!!! L.M.

I see the trend here and am extremely happy I went with these guys. Talked with Mr. Rubin on Monday night and by Wednesday had it settled with the exact specifications he laid out on the phone. I was skeptical at first, even when he said I would get a refund if he couldn't get what he said done. But I figured I didn't have anything to lose, at the very least, he would show up in court in my place. But he pulled through with flying colors. I will recommend this firm to anyone that will listen. D.B.

These fine gentlemen handled my case with a debt buyer promptly and with ease. They got the court date cancelled, the debt removed from my credit file and a letter releasing me from the debt. Very friendly guys and know exactly what they are doing. Price was fair and saved me a lot of time. Thanks guys! Will use you again if necessary. K.D.S.

I spoke to attorney Brian Szilvasy on Thursday and the case was settled on Monday! WOW! I also spoke with Brian's partner, Arthur Rubin, and both of these men are friendly, kind, compassionate and very professional. The personal note at the top of the flyer was what made this law firm stand out from all of the rest. Then, I read all of these glowing reviews here on Facebook and decided to call them. I am very glad that I did!  S.O.S.

Mr. Ruben was absolutely calming and explained every step they would take to assist me. They did everything they said they would within a few weeks and I couldn't be happier with their services. I wish I could have them on retainer forever. I.D.

My story is much the same as all the others. I started getting flyers from many attorneys which alerted me to the fact that I would be served soon with a law suit. I was most impressed by the personal notation on the top of their flyer.
They kept me informed as things progressed and I was pleased with the out come, which was pretty much what they had promised me.  Would use them again, and highly recommend this firm.  B.C.O.

When I was first served with a lawsuit from Midland, I was very scared. I had never been sued before. I received many letters from different attorneys but I chose to call We Protect Consumers because I liked what they had to say. I am so glad I made that phone call! They explained everything to me & completely took care of my case. I didn't have to do anything. Midland dismissed my lawsuit & now I am free & clear of ever having to pay that company a dime. If you are being sued by Midland then you need to hire these guys! You won't regret it!   T.B.

I cannot say enough how sincerely grateful I am for the immeasurable help this firm has done for me. I had enough going on in my life before I was served with papers with a lawsuit that made me beyond worried. From the moment I called them, I was greeted promptly and with such professionalism, and care. They were extremely knowledgable, and patient to thoroughly answer all of my questions. They lifted this huge burden with no effort on my part except for my phone call to them... all it took was trust. I was very hopeful, but when it was all taken care of which was very quickly, it just seemed surreal. I am so very, very, very sincerely grateful. I absolutely cannot preach about this firm enough. If you have a debtor and is suing you, I am telling you.. Really telling you, don't hesitate to call!   E.H.

I was skeptical about whether or not this law office could assist me...they had my case dismissed in days! Attorney Rubin took his time explaining the process to me. I didn't even need to meet in person to sign the dismissal papers...everything was processed electronically and swiftly. Highly recommend them.  J.G.

Excellent service, completeley reccomendd, NOT A SCAM! he did what he said they would do. and FAST   J.N.

They do EXACTLY what they say they will! I know who to call if i ever need something like this again. It was taken care of in a matter of one or two days! FANTASTIC. I am very happy! So glad i called them. Definitely recommend.   T.P.O.

Nice to deal with people that actually do what they say they will. They handled the problem swiftly & efficiently. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing help with the same issue.   L.O.S.

These guys were awesome! So glad I choose them to deal with the lawsuits against me. They explained everything to me and my lawsuit was resolved within two weeks of hiring them. They are the real deal!      W.V.

Great service!! They explain everything and how the process is handled. Excellent follow-up and outcome. Would recommend to anyone needing help with big time credit companies. Finally our personal Clarke Kent!!!       J.T.

Finally I have found an attorney that talk to me about what they can do to help me, and everything they told me and promised me is exactly what took place. Great communication and great job of explaining what was going to happen and followed through all the way till the end. Thanks guys you are the best. I will refer anyone and everyone that could use your service. M.S.

Simply amazing. Brian was on point with everything, very fast and gets results couldn't ask for a better service. Thank you again.    M.B.

We were panicked by a law suit but Arthur calmed us down and delivered on his word! Keep doing what you are doing for consumers. We really do appreciate you and your team!! Thank You!  D.E.

They had my issue resolve in one week. He did everything he said he was going to do. This is a law firm you can trust. Hire them! They'll get it done.    S.S.N.

I highly recommend We Protect Consumers if you need help with a credit card lawsuit!  I was extremely satisfied with the handling and outcome of my case.  They fought for my rights and I WON!   R.S.

I don’t know what to say, you saved my life.  Again thank you for your help, your kindness and your support…God bless you. N.P.

I could not be happier with the outcome of my case.  They were able to get my case dismissed.  I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help in these types of situation.  They are top notch.  We are lucky to have lawyers that can fight for us.  Thanks so much Mr. Rubin.    D.M.

It sounded too good to be true but I'm glad I followed my gut and called. If you find yourself in a difficult situation with a collection agency and a lawsuit, don't trust anyone else but Brian and Art! These two are well reputed and inarguably the best in the business……….    M.P.

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